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"you know what's fucked up?"


Got up to him and he was like “it’s so good to see you again!” while high five-ing me. (and i freaked out inside because although i hoped he would remember me i definitely did not expect) And then I said “uhhh I didn’t bring anything for you to sign so I guess you can sign my purse?” and he said “are you sure? It’s a nice bag.” then I said “yea it cost like 20 bucks haha” so he signed his name and goes to push the bag back then takes it and writes “xoxo” under his name (true love). So then I got a picture with him and I expected to just lean towards each other but he stood up and put his arm around me so that’s cool. Then we said other things idr but I stopped the conversations and was like “well I’ll see you at 7 dates this summer” and his eyes got all wide an twinkly and was like “thats crazy but I love you” and gave me a huge smile and I stared at his callus on his hand while he gave me another high five cool cool cool life and then as I was leaving he said “I miss you already” excuse me what It was the best because you could talk to him as long as you wanted even though I cut that short, have to keep myself mysterious for my meet and greet obv

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